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Employee to Entrepreneur, student to teacher, listener to speaker; from
living life in a safety net to risking it all.
Like you, Githa Balram, juggles between many roles in her life. On
her journey of self-mastery, guided by the divine, she has uncovered and
learnt for herself the necessary guidelines in making her life fulfilling and
rewarding. In this book of self-empowerment, she shares some of her
life-changing experiences with you the reader.
* Brave are those who follow the song of their hearts – who seek their
own understanding and who create their own pathway in life.
* How you live your life is the legacy you leave behind.
* Life is a journey of experiences, not a race to the end (destination).
Excerpt from book: “Whenever I feel overwhelmed by circumstances,
I remember that even birds fly in the rain. Have you ever observed
birds flying in bad weather? I have. It’s not because they want to, but
because they need to… especially if they need to feed themselves or
their chicks. They must give up the safety of their shelter in their will
to survive. For birds, flying in the rain comes with great risk. They
lose a lot of energy while looking for food, but without this food,
they are unable to keep themselves warm. So, this then compels them
to get out and risk the unpleasant weather. It takes great courage to
brave the elements when you’re small but, like the birds,
we do what we must do to survive and move ahead in
Life will always have challenges; we have to accept and
face these challenges. How we choose to do this will
determine whether our life will flow like a gentle
breeze or rage like an uncontainable storm.

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