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Your 2nd Light Body activation is that it takes you deeper into unconditional love and experience Unity Consciousness, and it integrates your DNA to its original Divine DNA encodings. You have the ability to take your service work to a new level through illumination and manifestation, and connect to the higher dimentions

Benefits of a Level II Activation are:

  • Acceleration of your Cosmic ascension process;
  • The ability to take control of your life energetically and view life through your Master Eyes;
  • Increased ESP skills such as telepathy, clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience;
  • Reconnection to your Soul family and friends of light;
  • Recalibration of your energy field and body;
  • Moving into the heart;
  • Releasing of limiting patterns, behaviours and addictions; and
  • A deep sense of Unity Consciousness.
  • With this sixth dimensional activation, you have the ability to create Love, Light, joy and harmony for yourself and all Life. You have the ability to take your Service work to a new level through illumination and manifestation, and connect to the higher dimensions for assistance in your Service work and in your Life.
  • One of the many gifts of working with these Beings of Light from On High is the ability to experience different Chambers of Light. These Chambers of Light hold various frequencies of Light that can take the client into a deeper level of unconditional Love, as well as clear out old cellular patterns, false beliefs and judgements to experience more of their multidimensional nature. As the sixth dimensional frequency is one of Love, manifestation and illumination, you are presented with two Chambers of Light that will assist in this sixth dimensional activation. These two Chambers of Light are brought in specifically by the Sirian Archangelic League of the Light.
  • The first Chamber is a Manifestation and Illumination Chamber of Light, which has the ability to assist the client to receive the Higher mind wisdom of Mother/Father God, and to clear the negative ego and lower mind. Further to this, the client is able to step into a deeper level of being a co-creator and conscious manifestor in their Service work with the assistance of the Company of Heaven.
  • The second Chamber is a Cosmic Re-integration Chamber of Light. This Cosmic Re-Integration Chamber of Light takes all the Soul Consciousness aspects of the client at a multidimensional level and anchors them through the body, energy field and hologram in this Now. This firstly assists in Soul retrieval, bringing back Soul fragments into the body, and equally important, allows the client to experience more of their multidimensional, and multifaceted nature at this moment.


Duration: 2hours for the activation (you are requested to have completed Level I before level II)

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“Fiona is a wonderful intuitive healer and empath, and offers healing and Light activation sessions using Light frequency tools, healing rays, reiki and crystals. She is a master teacher and workshop facilitator, mother, Light worker and messenger of God ~ truly an amazing individual with incredible gifts and services ~”

Anrita Melchizedek

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