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Twin Flame Re-union Journey

In this guided journey, you will be experiencing the reunion with your Twin Flame.

And now to connect to the energy of your Twin Flame And now your Twin Flame appears before you in Soul consciousness . You merge with your Twin Flame,  you merge with this aspect of yourself that is so familiar, that simply amplifies the Love within yourself as you experience this great cosmic orgasm of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness through the union with your Twin Flame, this tantric connection of union with the Divine.
You experience these golden infinity symbols now traveling through each one of the chakras, connecting your chakras to that of your Twin Flame. From the base chakra, now the sacral, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat chakra, the third eye, and now the crown chakra. You are One ~ in Spirit, in Soul, in Consciousness, in Light and you are stronger in this connection for this is what you have chosen on this earth plane. And know that if this contract was made to physically reunite, that this will come soon sweet one. And that if it is an inner plane connection that you are making, this is the Soul contract, know that this connection is as real as if the person is physically with you ~ you will feel the energy of your Twin Flame always, sweet one. This connection that is made for each one of you right now is being made on the inner planes, but it will draw these resonating vibratory frequencies into your reality, if this is your desire and if this is your Soul contract. You feel this deep sense of wholeness, of Love within yourself, of this Love and merging with your Twin Flame, this Love for all Life.
The Twin Flame energy enhances your vibration, it amplifies your gifts and you do the same for your Twin Flame, sweet one. You are whole and complete within yourself always but in the merging on the inner planes and possibly coming together uniting on a physical level with your Twin Flame, you are indeed stronger because you are a force field of Divine Love that is amplified always, and this strong magnetic sensual and sacred sexual energy that is between you is further
amplified into the Unity Grid to be used at a deeper level of Divine Love for all Life on this earth plane.

Duration 1-2 hours

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