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Discover your life purpose workshop & Receiving your Personal Chirology Report
The Next Phase of The Divine Plan is unfolding and there is a search for more, more meaning, change but the question many have is What?
Now our Divine Plan, our very PURPOSE AND REASON FOR BEING, is to complete the next phase.
Exploring your psyche to re-member your hearts dreaming
What would make your heart sing?
What will give you soul satisfaction?
What is your greatest gifts/ abilities?
Are you interested in discovering the life you were born to live? Finding your life purpose and reason for being… come join us next Sunday @ the Portal
Some of the stuff you’ll discover of yourself are
# a precise method to determine your own life path
# the core issues, inborn talents, and special needs related to your path, including areas of health, money, and relationships
# guidelines to finding a livelihood consistent with your innate drives and abilities
# the hidden purpose of your relationships
# how to live in harmony with the cycle of life
# key spiritual laws to help you understand your past, clarify your present and empower your future
This is going to be fun
Trust that as something ends its allows space for something new to emerge. There really can be magic in new beginnings.
Are you ready for change in your Life?
a presentation by Kevin Leak on Chirology and in specific what your finger prints reveal about your Life Purpose chosen.
Just as wind leaves a pattern when moving over the sand so does the soul when it enters the body – leaving the fingerprints as reminders of the nature of soul that dwells inside.
Chirology is the tool that decodes the information your brain has etched on your hands. It is also referred to as genetic psychology.
Hand analysis is a process that aims to equip you with self-knowledge that can enable you make informed decisions based on your own unique potential as reflected on your hands. Being aware of the information your brain communicates on the palms of your hands you can live your life to its full potential.
This adds to the volume of interesting information shared with you, about you, on the day. Come have some fun with us.
For RSVP s: Fiona Cell/Whatsapp: 082 788 1413 | Home Tel: 031 267 0907 | e-mail: info@portalofalchemy.com
Investment Fee for this Life Purpose Workshop and a full report over 20 pages = R1600
Banking details: Account Name: Fiona van Rensburg, Bank: FNB, Acc : 62062700193, Branch: Bryanston, REF: your name (e-mail me proof of payment: info@portalofalchemy.com)
Life Purpose Workshop testimonials:
Kerry Joanne Roberts: “What an amazing day. Thank you Fiona for your energy and guidance. I learned so much about where I am going.”
Nora: “Lovely..thanks…alot to digest from Saturday 🍁🤗👼🦋
“Cathy: Very Good – to Infinity and beyond! Thank you for affirming my journey. Can recommend it to others, YES
Carly: Yes, I would recommend the course. Absolutely loved it. Just want I needed for myself at this time of my life. Thank you!
Candice: Wow wow wow is all I can say. What an amazing day of self discovery. A really great workshop that lets you dig deep into what your soul purpose is. I had amazing revelations and realizations today. The information shared was amazing!
Sue: A beautiful sized group, lots of laughter and good food. Very enlightening. Thank you Fiona
Mel: This course is full of practical advice that I can start using immediately. I would definitely recommend
RSVP : Fiona Cell/Whatsapp: 082 788 1413 | Home Tel: 031 267 0907 | e-mail: info@portalofalchemy.com
About your facilitators:
You cannot teach what you haven’t attained yourself. Fiona found her Life Purpose only at the age of 35. Fiona,owner of the Portal of Alchemy (a Holistic Healing Centre in Bryanston North (South Africa)) created a space in Durban for personal transform and alchemy. As Intuitive Empath Energy Healer, Earth Angel, Light Worker, Higher Rays and DNA Activator, Reiki Master, Merkabah Activator, AEH Trainer and Practitioner, Crystal and Sound therapist as well as a Spiritual Counsellor she uses her knowledge and experience of a variety of modalities with the assistance of her Spirit Teachers and Guides to effect personal transformation in her clients. She’s been healing family, friends and people all over the world which has fulfilled her life, and can do the same for you.
“I feel blessed to live my passion and share my gift of healing with you. I am doing what I came here to do in the first place, to contributing my part in the awakening process. My Mission statement is “Heal your Past, Live in the Now and Dream your Future”. YOU have the ability to transform yourself, your life, I’m just the facilitator, shining my light in the areas that you need it.”
If you feel ready, then come make an appointment to see me at The Portal of Alchemy in Bryanston
“Heal your Past, live in the Now and dream your Future
Visit my website for testimonials and my Event Diary not to miss out
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Kevin Leak
073 956 4305
Testimony according to Chrirology compiled by Kevin LeakSoon after my initial consultation with Kevin, I received a very comprehensive report from him regarding the chirological aspects of my hands.  The report was easy to understand and still acts as a point of reference to me.  I consult the report often, especially when I am expected to make important decisions about my life or I feel as if I need particular personal affirmation. The report discusses the physical aspects of each mark on each section of both my hands and compares my hands to each other.  These physical aspects and appearance of my hands are then linked to their chirological meaning and how what my hands show, pertains to my life.

From the report I still gain clarity regarding my preferred way of doing things and my decision making patterns, my strengths, the areas of my life where I need to be careful and the reasoning behind these statements as they link to what my hands show.  Kevin addresses, in its very essence, the complexities of my personality structure and the affects of life incidents on my attitude  towards and view of life.  The report discusses in great and easy to understand detail my personal talents and strengths and gift markings.  He also offers detailed and insightful guidelines for overcoming stumbling blocks in my life, how to manage my life and how to fulfil my meaning to life or my life’s purpose.  These suggestions are not in the least general in their offering, but these guidelines pertain to me personally and are specific in their particularities.  They bring together one’s personal life events and personality structure.   

The report is 100% accurate with respect to my life presentation and my being in the world as I experience it.

In conclusion, I am compelled to remark on Kevin’s utterly professional attitude towards his work and the remarkably fastidious approach towards the report’s content.   None of the content is left open to interpretation or uncertainty.  The content is spelled out with precision in a narrative – which is easy to understand and internalise.   The personal insight and life direction I gained from the consultation and the report, which I still daily experience, cannot be overstated.  

I am so grateful that I used the opportunity to have my hands being analyzed by Kevin Leak.

Dr. Alta Loock

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