Cannabis Cream (100 gr)

Infused Coconut
Dehydrated Aqueous Cream
Shea Botter
Vitamin E
Colloidal Silver
Arnica Oil

Application :

Any condition on the skin. Gout, arthritis, sun protection, burns, insect bites
including spiders and mosquitoes, muscle pains, etc

Price : R150

Cannabis Cream
Cream 100gr : R150
Cannibis Oil
R200 for 60 capsules

MCT Oil - Capsules

MCT infused
3 mg THC/ml
(Batch0219 report)
Dosage: 1 capsule 1st evening before bed. Thereafter can be increased to 2.

Application :

See benefits of Cannabis.

Price R200 for 60 capsules

5-in-1 capsules

Ginger. 2-3g/day
1. Medicinal properties
2. Treat nausea
3. May reduce muscle pain
4. Anti-inflammatory
5. May drastically lower blood sugar
6. Improve heart disease risks
7. Treat chronic indigestion
8. Reduce menstrual pain
9. May lower cholesterol levels
10. Can help prevent cancer
11. Protect against Alzheimer’s
12. Help fight infections

Turmeric. 500mg/day
1. Natural anti-inflammatory
2. Powerful medicinal properties
3. Potent antioxidant
4. Reduces degenerative processes
in brain
5. May reverse heart disease
6. Can reduce growth of cancerous
7. Can help manage Alzheimer’s
8. Excellent for arthritis
9. Effective antidepressant
10. Help delay age-related chronic disease.

Cayenne. 250mg/day
. Metabolism-boosting properties
2. Can reduce hunger
3. May lower blood pressure
4. May help reduce the risk of ulcers
5. May help reduce pain
6. May reduce cancer risk
7. May improve psoriasis (cream)

Garlic. 17g/day
1. Potent medical properties
2. Nutritious with low calories
3. Reduces chance of common cold
4. Can reduce blood pressure
5. Reduce cholesterol levels
6. Helps prevent Alzheimers and
7. Reduce fatigue, increase
8. Detoxify heavy metals from body

Cinnamon. 6g max with meals
1. Powerful medicinal properties
2. Loaded with antioxidants
3. Anti-inflammatory properties
4. May reduce risk of heart disease
5. Improve sensitivity to insulin
6. Lowers blood sugar
7. Powerful anti-diabetic
8. Help reduce Alzheimer’s and
9. May protect against cancer
10. Fight bacterial and fungal

Price R90 for 60 capsules


Cannabis Capsules
R450 for monthly supply

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