Meet your Master Teacher Guides or Guardian Angels


What is Meeting your Guides all about?

Going on a journey to meet your Master Guides for yourself.

We set a sacred space so you may travel in Light to meet your Pleiadian and Sirian Master Guides. And with your Master Guides, go on a journey of healing and Love, embracing those aspects of your lower Self still needing to experience your wonderful Higher Light.

After this beautiful journey, you need to allow yourself time now to integrate and experience each of these sub-personalities as they flow in Love with you, as they resonate with this frequency of universal Love.  You have brought Light into those darker areas of yourself that needed to be healed, that was crying out for healing and for your Love.

This is truly a remarkable experience and should be cherished for what it is.

It helps greatly if your light body has already been activated and your 3rd eye open. For you experience it all first hand.

When you are ready to be taken on this beautiful journey, WhatsApp me for your appointment.

Duration 1-2 hours

(For rates in South Africa email me)

Duration 1-2 hours | Fee US$200
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Feedback from clients ...

 “I went to Fiona for a Chakra Balancing session and walked out, not only feeling a whole lot more balanced but also, with so much more to work with. I found her energy and that of her guides, most invigorating. So much so that I am now on a renewed quest to unfold the next chapter of my own growth .” Terry Cox

“I had an amazing healing session with Fiona SilverButterfly van Rensburg this morning. I made some amazing shifts and integrated with my Shamanic spirit Guide and Spirit Animal. I felt the transformations happen so quickly. Thank you, Fiona, for holding the light for me so that I could make those shifts. Loads of Love to you.” Wendy Ramsamy

“Thank you for an amazing transformational coaching and healing session today. You truly are an amazing person and a very gifted healer.” Frances Degbor …