Fiona's Tailor-Made

Alchemy Healing Session


What is a Tailor-Made Alchemy Healing session?

Over the past 10 years plus, I've learned a lot about energy healing and communication with Spirit. I've developed this type of healing as a integrated combination from a variety of healing modalities. How it  works, is in the session, I connect with my Higher Light and all my Healing Guides and then connect with your Higher Light and Guides, and then I ask for Divine Guidance for the session and do what is for your highest and greatest good and also what the highest priority is for that day. Sometimes it is just a Spiritual Counselling session and discussing the way forward in your healing journey and personal development in your spiritual growth. Sometimes it is a combination of various healing modalities and techniques unique to your circumstances for optimal healing and for the shift that is required. So doing you get a number of healings for the price of one in our allotted time together.

(For rates in South Africa email me)

(For rates in South Africa email me)

(For rates in South Africa email me)

Duration 1-2 hours | Fee US$200
Chakra Balancing

Feedback from clients ...

''I am feeling so much better after the chakra balancing session we had yesterday. First time in  months feeling energized and the back pain is like 80% gone. No pain on my kidneys. Today I did some house work, something I couldn't do. Thank you Fiona. I am grateful to have known you." Vuyi – Durban


"Dear Fiona -I'd like to thank you so much for the incredible chakra balance I experienced with you yesterday morning.  I absolutely loved it and found it to be deeply, deeply healing. There were moments which were so intuitive, so connected as to how I was feeling, it felt as though you were reading my mind and my heart! Thank you so much. I woke this morning feeling deeply peaceful and wonderfully clear. Lots and lots of love " - Fylyppa – Johannesburg xxx


“I went to Fiona for a Chakra Balancing session and walked out , not only feeling a whole lot more balanced , but also , with so much more to work with . I found her energy and that of her guides , most invigorating . So much so that I am now on a renewed quest to unfold the next chapter of my own growth .” Terry Cox KZN

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